2021 meets the 80s

It makes me very happy when I can do something on an old computer that I'd be doing on my phone or laptop anyway. It's like I get to have an extra hobby without losing time.

I'm browsing smol.pub and midnight.pub from a computer that was launched in the 80s; the Amiga. The IBrowse browser supports http(s) and gopher. Thanks to the lightness and speed of these sites in particular, I never feel like I'm waiting for things to load. I can't say the same for Wikipedia and others.

I massively appreciate the work m15o has done in supporting not only the different protocols, but the old and new technology too. It's exactly what I didn't know I wanted.

Here's what smol.pub looks like:

And here's midnight.pub

Others have been at work supporting older hardware and now this old machine, the Amiga 1200, has WiFi, SSL support and a client for Dropbox and Google Drive called AmiCloudHandlers (see aminet.net for the download).

Dozens of games are written every year, but it's the applications and accessibility to modern contexts that I really like.